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Monday, August 20, 2012
.1 syawal and sad news.


right after isyak on 1st syawal, we packing up and going back to Bangi. this is our raya routine. will only stay in kampung until 1st raya because tomorrow we will continue celebrating our raya at my ibu's side. so it's fair and square! =)

we reached home around 12am and i've received an SMS at this hour from my colleague.i was wondering ....and shocked after finished scrolling down the msg! i still cant believe of what i have read and i hope its not true! please tell me its not true!!

tears running down my cheek while i keep reading the msg again and again...."sya, if you are still not aware of this, dr zaiton telah kembali ke rahmatullah." i was crying so bad recall all memories when she was working with us...until i fall asleep.

the next morning, while everyone is still dreaming and sleep soundly..i woke up and dressed up for the funeral. i didnt get any info about the ceremony yet so i need to wait.. since we need to visit relatives in seremban today, i cant wait so long at the funeral. i thought i've already late for solat jenazah so i wait for everybody at the graveyard.but no one there..after almost an hour there, i've received a msg told me that the body is still at the mosque ready to mandi and solat jenazah. luckily i've got a chance to see her face for the last time and solat jenazah for her..i cant hold my tears anymore..='(

i will miss meeting you at the office, having a chitchat, talking about job,about her health,life.. things happened at IG..she's the only one i am comfortable talking with..and i will miss everything about you. i know you are in a better place now. May you rest in peace. i will meet you one day.

- Alfatihah-

your name Monday, August 20, 2012 10:03 am (isyaboo)

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