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Monday, August 27, 2012
my boarding cats..=(


dah masuk syawal ke 11 harini but nothing extra wonderful about my raya. today...is another sad story..=(

masa raya haritu like every year, all my cats akan dihantar boarding at this one famous pet shop in Bangi. selalunya hantar seekor kucing je, but this year dah ada extra 3 kittens. since we all beraya cuma 2 hari je kat kampung, so raya ketiga tu sepatutnya dah boleh la pick up the cats from boarding but the pet shop belum buka and only can pick up the pets after another 2 days! teruknya macam ni.. daripada kene bayar for only 2 days, ni dah kene bayar sampai 5 days..and its for 4 cats! total semua kene caj rm200 something, almost rm300 include vaccin ! oiiii, duit raya saya pun tak dapat banyak macam tu tau x? dah la masa pick up the cats tu, kedai die sesak gila dengan kucing,sampai kat depan2 pun letak kucing sebab dah takde space...sesak nafas dibuatnye sebab dah bau kucing je..hurmm..

few days after pick up all my lovelies from the pet shop, we all observed yang semua kucing2 ni macam sgt well behaved. i was wondering, adakah sebab kene kurung lama diorang jadi baik macam ni? bagus jugak mcm ni! until we all realized some of them ada yang tak nak makan langsung.sangat diam. tak aktif langsung..and im pretty sure, there must be something wrong!

so today, i asked my brother to bring the weakest one,Tupez  to hospital veterinar UPM since he's working there. then after the checked up, the doctor said, the cat was infected by virus during their boarding. The virus is dangerous as it is so easy to spread out and infected other cats. The doctor also said that the cat is so weak and need to be admitted at the hospital sebab nak masukkan air coz dia memang taknak makan langsung these few days. i was so sad!! i blame myself for not bringing them to the hospital earlier..

right after knowing about the virus, im googling and asking around about the virus.i didnt know what exactly the virus is, it might be parvo virus or else but it is a very dangerous virus attack kitten who didnt get vaccination and hardly cure because of their weak immune system in young age. i blame myself again for not sending them for vaccination weeks before boarding because they just reached 3 months in weeks time and i thought there are too young for vaccination. but i think, the boarding shop should be more strict about rules. they should only accept healthy cats with vaccination, or else things like this will happened to other cats again. haihhh~~

My God, i am very worried of their conditions. What happened to Tupez at the hospital? and what about Okin who already look very sick in the cage?? but Ollie, the mother and Owen looks normal. i hope they will not get infected. i dont want to lose them!! =((

dear Tupez, i dont want to lose u! ='(



your name Monday, August 27, 2012 11:58 am (isyaboo)

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