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Wednesday, August 29, 2012
what happened to the cats?


takut rasanya nak bangun pagi ni..tak sanggup rasanya nak pergi tgk cage..takut kalau2 ada kucing yang dah tak bernyawa.. =(

today, Okin dah nampak makin tenat.diam.x makan,x buat apa2.minum air pun sikit2 je..even nak berdiri pun macam dah tak larat. sedih sangat tengok keadaan dia mcm tu, i asked my brother to bring Okin to the vet. semoga masih ada harapan untuk dia. among all kittens, we love Okin more sebab dia comel and suka pose2 manja..we seriously dont want to lose him..!

my brother and I went to veterinar hospital to sent Okin and to go visit Tupez, see how is he doing today. I pray he'll still alive and survive from the infection. i believe nothing is impossible and i'll keep on praying until we got any news from the doctor. Bring Okin to vet and the doctor told the same thing as Tupez. he's already got  infected with the same virus and they want to admit him in the hospital. im in a very difficult situation now. my family already told me not to admit Okin in hospital, in any case..we want to be with him until his last breath..T_T...but the doctor recommend me to admit Okin with the same reason because they want to give antibiotic n water..on the other side i was thinking, if he's not admitted, we need to give the medication by ourself and i know its not easy...

it is very hard for me..i need to make a decision on the spot while my brother is suddenly missing in action from the doctor's room..i saw him outside the room talking on the phone and give me a signal not to admit Okin. so i'd go with that..i dont wat to let Okin stay in the hospital so the doctor injected some water under his skin to make sure he get enough water intake as he's no longer eat and drink. Right after i went out from the doctor's room my brother told me, he received a phone call from the hospital..told him a news i dont want to hear! yerp, Tupez has died...T_T

Ya Allah, i dont want to cry infront of him..i have to hold my tears. please dont cry. we need to go to the hospital and take Tupez's body home.. so i told myself to stay strong. i was so suprised when they gave us one plastic bag contain something wrap with paper. i was like..." haaa,ni tupez ke?? kenapa buat tupez mcm ni...balut macam sampah je??"  i was so sad!

Zayd brought the cats home..when ayah returned home during lunch hour, we asked him to burry Tupez somewhere, but because he cannot find any land to burry..he throw the body away in a river near our house!! OMG!! i was so mad...i cant believe he might do that! i was crying like hell in the office thinking about what ayah has done to Tupez! kenapa sampai hati buat macam tu?? T_T

Come back after office, I decided to clean the cats' cage, food bowl and all their stuffs with clorox and hot water. this is one way to prevent the virus from spreading out and infected others. We need to quarantin Okin and seperated them in different cages. Then, kene bagi ubat kat Okin but as i mentioned before,its not easy.. habis diluah balik semua ubat tu.he's very weak..kesian sangat.badan dia dah sejuk..i become more worried. every single hour pergi jenguk Okin dalam cage,risau tgk keadaan dia..that night before i went for sleep, i sat infront of the cage, talked with Okin. im afraid if it will be the last time i saw him alive.i was crying and apologizing for not being a good owner.i know he will not survive..reluctantly, i have to leave him.. T_T

Alhamdulillah, the next morning..he's still there..breathing..but getting weaker. before went for work, i looked into his eyes and i knew it will be the last..redha..may this is the best for him. saya pun dah tak sanggup tengok dia lembik tak bermaya macam tu..and during lunch time, ayah msg us telling about the news. he's finally meet the Almighty..two days in a row, we lost our two lovely cats.this is hard.we lost them in a sudden..now dah takde lagi penyeri hari2 saya..the 2 cats yang tinggal ni tak manja sangat.. Dear Tupez and Okin, you will be missed! ='(

how adorable he was.. T_T

the grave

i miss them!! T_T


your name Wednesday, August 29, 2012 03:35 pm (isyaboo)

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